1. it is necessary and important.

There are some things that are not necessary but important while there are few things that are both necessary and important. One of such is acquiring a piece of land for yourself. Land is not a thing you can move from a place to another. The moment it is documented in your name, it then become your own forever.

  1. you may not know more than half of the whole information about it.

There are many things you really need to know about acquiring land so as not to fall a victim of scammers. Some people even thinks that all there is about buying land is just to pay and then take possession of it, neglecting the place of documentations. Before you buy a land you should be able to know the original owner of the land. The name of the person and how it got into the hands of the person that wants to sell it to you now. You should ask for paper proofs. Know if the land has a survey and it is not under government acquisition. Ask if the land did not pass through a pipeline less you will just be asked to vacate the land without pity. You should also seal a paper agreement with the seller and not just pay money. If possible, get a lawyer, a surveyor who will help you confirm the genuity of the land.

  1. You have the money now.

Don’t be surprised that you have money. How do I know? You eat everyday. It is the truth that you can’t compare money spend on food with the money spend on land or property.  For every projects you want to do, money is not the first thing to begin to think of. Think of ideas. Thinks of ways to you can achieve it. if it is to increase your income then go on. If it is to reduce your expenses then go on with it and if it is to stop one of your projects, then do that.

  1. There are  no far places and bushes anywhere again.

Somebody said that the day internet got into the world was the last day we had bushes and villages. No where is actually far because you can always get yourself to wherever you wants to go. There are commercial vehicles everywhere if you don’t have a personal car. When you live in far places you are only stretching your tentacles and engaging your brain to work better to create means of transporting yourself. It will expose you to new opportunities you can leverage on to make more money. You are also responsible for the spread of developments around your country should have experienced before now.

  1. you should buy from the right person in the right place.

It is very possible to buy a genuine land from the right person. Though there are many people you will buy land from and you will not get quick allocation. However, there are few of them you can buy from and you will not have to develop headache of engage in a court fight because they are absolutely genuine. Flip to the last page of this book to see one of such company and you can even contact me personally for consultation. I assure you that every bitter experiences you have had in the past will be taken away.


About olaotanjeremiah

OLAOTAN JEREMIAH is a leader, an Inspirational writer and speaker geared towards ensuring the effective living of young people as designed by God. He is driven with the mandate that no one has enough excuse for mediocrity as long as God lives. He is an Author, Entrepreneur, Event Consultant and Students' Coach. Olaotan Jeremiah has served in different capacities from volunteering at 'Mushin Makeover' in Lagos, to heading the Student's fellowship as President and the host of Mind Empowerment and Summit for Students (M.E.S.S) in his university days. An ambassador of Christ in his generation. An ambassador and Nation builder at Gemstone. Holyjay, as he is fondly called, is the broadcaster of the daily SCRIPTURE KNOWLEDGE on social media including WhatsApp, BBM, Facebook, and other social sites. His blog address. Skilled in barbering profession and has the vision of taking the profession to a respected height amongst other formal professions in Nigeria. He is the visionary of CAMPUS POWER NETWORKS where he trains, and consults for the Students populace as to how they can be effective in life from their campuses. He's the host of Undergraduates' Home Fellowship (UHF) - A meeting for all undergraduates in Lagos where they are prepared for the tasks of effective living on their campuses. He's recently working with Pertinence Group as a Sales Partner in Real Estates and Travels & Tours. You can benefit largely from this company depending on your financial capacity. For this course, he's a regular teacher, motivator and trainer among the campus fellowship leaders, teens and youth ministry. He teaches from the word of God which is the basic comprehensive for living an effective life from any angle of life. He is currently living in Lagos state Nigeria.
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