This is not my regular serving to my dear facebook friends on a Monday; but I had to respond to the moral burden to share with you my personal story.

Please learn the lessons and take the right decisions TODAY! When this is done, I will feel satisfied that I have added value to your life and THAT’S CHARACTER!

Many of you already know that I worked with a well-paying media house for over one decade (specifically between the ages 25-39), before resigning to pursue my dream – character training, consultancy and advocacy.

I, however, want to tell you today something that I didn’t get right as an employee of that organisation; please follow my thoughts with an open mind because I don’t want you to fall into the same condition.


One faithful day in 2011, a very good friend and colleague (names withheld), informed me that her family would soon relocate to the house they had built.

I was glad to hear the news but also stupefied. I wondered how a colleague who worked as a Desktop Department seemed smarter than a reporter.

She asked if I was already doing something about that too but my answer was NO; she felt disappointed and educated me on the importance of investing in real estate. I later found out that virtually everyone in that department already moved of where in the process of moving into their own homes. That couldn’t be said of many reporters like me then – and those who knew better, only took the step after they had risen to key positions.

Yes, we investment in different platforms, but they seemed to understand real estate better.

I eventually became literate and started investing in lands too; I wish that I started earlier.

Please learn from these illiterate mindsets that initially worked against me:

  1. As an engaged single working class lady then I thought that owning a land could be an affront!

*I later realised, howbeit too late, that it wasn’t true! Investing in plots of land is just the same as any other investments that I was already a part of! So, just anybody who can save money can own a land.

  1. After marriage, we wanted to wait until there was enough cash to buy a land and build in the city centre.

*We realised much later that we didn’t have to live in the ‘bush’ where we owned the land – that owning one in the ‘bush’ was better than not having any. To bring this point home: Last week a family friend visited me in the office and I was sharing with him the ‘real estate gospel’. He told me something that set me thinking again – he said that he recently stumbled on a receipt showing that a particular plot of land was bought at N5,000 in Satellite Town, Festac area, Lagos, in the late eighties. Today, he said, a plot in that same vicinity goes for a minimum of N20million naira! Many of you knew when Akowonjo was a bush and you disdained investing in it. That is the true story of real estate investment. Back to my lessons:

  1. At other times, my family thought that buying a land required an outright bulk payment, so we concentrated on other things first, hoping that owing a house would come on later.

*I however found out, that there are credible companies that allow one to own a plot of land by paying in installments! It dawned on me that a house should come top in ones list of priorities, even before a luxury car!

I will stop my story there …

Now, to you my educated friends, who are still as illiterate as I was, please note:

  • It is not whether you earn fat or meager on your current job that will secure the future; it is the quality and timely investment decisions that you make while you have the job.

  • The end of the year is approaching, and I know many of you are saving up some money to get a new car to reward yourself, wife or family; some want to throw a party for friends to celebrate a new status; some want to travel abroad for the festive seasons; some want to change their entire wardrobe to conform with the latest trends; some want to change the interiors of their very expensive, rented apartment for the end of the year and so on.

  • Hear me now – if you do not yet have a plot of land to your credit and you do any of the above or anything in that category, you are still an illiterate!

  • May be for you, your concern is how to get a credible company to relate with on this. That’s where I am doing this, this morning. I recommend Pertinence Limited to you. I work with them and can vouch for their integrity. Take my word for it!

  • My dear friend, REWARD YOURSELF AND FAMILY WITH A PLOT OR ANOTHER OF LAND THIS TIME! One for each member of your family is the least you should do. So, if you have some already get more, rather than leave your money at the mercy of a volatile exchange rate!


  • TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE MEGA PROMO BY PERTINENCE LIMITED TO BY AT HUGE DISCOUNTS – Call 08107579767 to inquire about this last quarter promotions sale for plots of land in choice locations.


*Comes up Saturday, Oct 22, at 11am.

*Venue is De Santos Hotel, Akowonjo Round About, Egbeda Lagos.


*Buy plots of land at all our estate locations at heavily discounts. You can pay at the venue.

*Enjoy payment by installments.

*Win a free plot in a raffle.

*Win a free two bedroom bungalow house in a raffle.

*Win an all-expense paid price to Dubai in a raffle.

*Hear from Olumide Emmanuel, how he built wealth through real estate, don’t be an illiterate!

*Join the Pertinence Limited Team of marketers as another flexible stream of income for your family (I, Bosede Olusola-Obasa, am one of them).
FINALLY: To participate, you need to register with N5,000 and get a ticket before the day.

Candid advice: Don’t come late to the programme, we are very punctual.
Now that I have informed you, I rest my case.

I wish you the very best – start calling 08170579767.



About olaotanjeremiah

OLAOTAN JEREMIAH is a leader, an Inspirational writer and speaker geared towards ensuring the effective living of young people as designed by God. He is driven with the mandate that no one has enough excuse for mediocrity as long as God lives. He is an Author, Entrepreneur, Event Consultant and Students' Coach. Olaotan Jeremiah has served in different capacities from volunteering at 'Mushin Makeover' in Lagos, to heading the Student's fellowship as President and the host of Mind Empowerment and Summit for Students (M.E.S.S) in his university days. An ambassador of Christ in his generation. An ambassador and Nation builder at Gemstone. Holyjay, as he is fondly called, is the broadcaster of the daily SCRIPTURE KNOWLEDGE on social media including WhatsApp, BBM, Facebook, and other social sites. His blog address. Skilled in barbering profession and has the vision of taking the profession to a respected height amongst other formal professions in Nigeria. He is the visionary of CAMPUS POWER NETWORKS where he trains, and consults for the Students populace as to how they can be effective in life from their campuses. He's the host of Undergraduates' Home Fellowship (UHF) - A meeting for all undergraduates in Lagos where they are prepared for the tasks of effective living on their campuses. He's recently working with Pertinence Group as a Sales Partner in Real Estates and Travels & Tours. You can benefit largely from this company depending on your financial capacity. For this course, he's a regular teacher, motivator and trainer among the campus fellowship leaders, teens and youth ministry. He teaches from the word of God which is the basic comprehensive for living an effective life from any angle of life. He is currently living in Lagos state Nigeria.
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