14650493_1094196057283887_800299845971665273_nUsually, the looks on the faces of the teeming crowd when arriving at any Pertinence Mega Promo venue are those of high expectations, unleashed apprehension, eagerness, anxiety and even at times, unbelief by first time participants.

As the programme gets underway, the crowd manages to settle down to some soft sides of the event purposely organised by the host to help stabilise the high adrenalines of existing and prospective customers of the organisation at the venue.

Gradually, the programme snow balls into the actual moments of changed status, fortune, fulfillment of expectation and unbelievable positive turns of event for some very fortunate participants.

At this point, the mood in the atmosphere becomes that of uncensored excitement, joy unspeakable, happiness that makes elderly men gesticulate like toddlers, tears of gratitude mixed with awe that it is true after all.  

Interestingly, this feeling of joy, excitement and fulfillment usually runs through the spines of everyone present at the events including the host.

This is because Pertinence Limited, an enterprise development and people empowerment company, is always re-inventing her approaches and strategies, with the intention of keeping customers perpetually happy and satisfied.  

The Promos, which hold every quarter in the year is an initiative to get closer to the base where customers reside to assist them make real estate-based decisions that will affect their lives positively forever. It is an empowerment scheme which could also double as a corporate social responsibility in that, among other things, it offers people the opportunity to own lands for FREE!

It must be placed on record here that Pertinence Limited is the first real estate inclined company to give a plot of land for FREE! In the history of Pertinence Limited promos the company has maintained the experience of beating her own record and setting greater ones.

Since inception, each Pertinence Limited promo has always had unique features to wow customers. Some of the special offers have included: incredible discounts on plots of land, outright free plots of land within the ABC Gardens Estate locations, all-expense paid trip to Dubai and giving of free plots in high brow Lagos locations where VIP Gardens Estates are located.

Every participant at each event loves the transparency and openness of the process. So far, all winners have been duly allotted their plots at different locations and many of them have even built houses on the lands. There has been no default at all.

This of course, is in keeping with her four cardinal core values, which are: Purity, Productivity, Partnership and Proactivity.

The directors of the organisation, Mr. Wisdom Ezekiel and Mr. Sunday Olorunsheyi, have built all customer-related engagements around the coinage: “We rather under promise you and over deliver than over promise and under deliver.”

In her four years of existence, Pertinence Limited has made it a key focus to exceed the expectations of customers, no wonder the magnitude of trust invested in the company, her unique investment brands, and in the full-time and part time team members.  

Pertinence promos have earned the reputation of walking the talk; they have gone beyond intentions to taking several actions that have changed the status of many perceived indigents to make them financially confident personalities, especially in ensuring that every man has a plot of land.

Some pay off lines at Pertinence Limited promos launch include: “One Man, One Plot of Land.” ABC Gardens – Making Life Simple, Making Life Easy.

Talking about changed status, you can come into a Pertinence Limited promo launch as a tenant and return home as a land owner with little or no money in your account.

Pertinence Limited has suddenly changed the fortunes and upgraded the status of many ‘poor’ participants and customers through the considerable installments payment plan, because of the great premium placed on integrity.

With a minimum initial deposit of N10,000 paid at the promo venue to indicate seriousness of intention to buy a plot of land, you have already begun a journey of owning the land within few months, depending on the agreement that you reach with the company.

If you are already feeling sorry for not having been a part of our previous promos especially this year, you do not have to worry. Here is the good news: the next Pertinence Limited promo for this year comes up on October 22, 2016.

The promo, which has been tagged: International Business Mega Summit and Promo, has its own special features too.

The management of Pertinence Limited has graciously approved that the grand prize at this mother of all promos will be a FREE two-bedroom bungalow house! Wow!

But that’s not all; there will also be gifts of free plots of land, all-expense-paid trip to Dubai and heavy discounts on plots of land in all Pertinence estates.

There’s more: the celebrated Common Sense Guru and Wealth Creation Front-liner, Olumide Emmanuel will be the special guest at this event. If you believe that the secrets of men are in their stories, you won’t dare miss this.

He will be showing participants the following:

*How to become a millionaire.

*How to use real estate as tool for financial freedom and retirement planning,

*How to start building your first house with little or no money.

All you need to do to be part of the promo is to register with N5,000 and get a ticket to participate at the event.   

Also, come prepared to settle your housing issues by buying land at the venue at heavily-discounted promo prices.

You must not be left behind. Also inform other people who you care about to enter for the promo and to be physically present at the venue on that day because you can’t win by proxy!

Venue of the promo: De Santos Hotel, Akowonjo Roundabout, Egbeda Road, Lagos. Time: 11 am.

*For further details on the upcoming promo visit:

Pertinence Limited @ 7, Oyinlola Street, Behind First Bank, Sobo Bus Stop, Akowonjo, Egbeda Road, Lagos.
Visit us @

TEL: +2348075744557, +2348065042547, +2348182496310

HOTLINE: +2348140000428, +2348096698999

WHATSAPP: +2348182496310

FB: pertinence group

TWITTER: pertinencegroup


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OLAOTAN JEREMIAH is a leader, an Inspirational writer and speaker geared towards ensuring the effective living of young people as designed by God. He is driven with the mandate that no one has enough excuse for mediocrity as long as God lives. He is an Author, Entrepreneur, Event Consultant and Students' Coach. Olaotan Jeremiah has served in different capacities from volunteering at 'Mushin Makeover' in Lagos, to heading the Student's fellowship as President and the host of Mind Empowerment and Summit for Students (M.E.S.S) in his university days. An ambassador of Christ in his generation. An ambassador and Nation builder at Gemstone. Holyjay, as he is fondly called, is the broadcaster of the daily SCRIPTURE KNOWLEDGE on social media including WhatsApp, BBM, Facebook, and other social sites. His blog address. Skilled in barbering profession and has the vision of taking the profession to a respected height amongst other formal professions in Nigeria. He is the visionary of CAMPUS POWER NETWORKS where he trains, and consults for the Students populace as to how they can be effective in life from their campuses. He's the host of Undergraduates' Home Fellowship (UHF) - A meeting for all undergraduates in Lagos where they are prepared for the tasks of effective living on their campuses. He's recently working with Pertinence Group as a Sales Partner in Real Estates and Travels & Tours. You can benefit largely from this company depending on your financial capacity. For this course, he's a regular teacher, motivator and trainer among the campus fellowship leaders, teens and youth ministry. He teaches from the word of God which is the basic comprehensive for living an effective life from any angle of life. He is currently living in Lagos state Nigeria.
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